Our Current Customers


Exclusive Global Logistics is currently shipping from Hyundai Manufacture and Kia Manufacture upto the Central Florida Areas.

Our History

* 2013. July Opened Exclusive Global Logistics Branch Office in LaGrange, Georgia
* 2012. Sep. Found Independent Incorporated Exclusive Global Logistics, Inc.
* 2012. Aug. Opened Exclusive Global Logistics (5 Semi Trucks)
* 2011. Nov. TAPA Certification (Bureau Veritas Certification North America, Inc.)
* 2008. Jan. Opened Mexico Branch Office and Warehouse(Tijuana, California)
* 2007. Feb. Acquired bonded carrier permit
* 2006. Mar. Registered Foreign Trade Zone (US Department of Commerce and Treasury)
* 2004. Feb. 2004 ISO Certified

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